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Pre-Marital Counseling Topics


Finances-how to manage $ together and plan for the future.


Children-expectations of both partners on how many children, parenting styles (authoritative vs. permissive/authoritarian), blended families, upbringing goals, education.


Families of Origin-similarities and differences and how they influence expectations, boundaries-how involved or not involved each partner envisions extended family, issues growing up.


Roles of partners-Modern versus traditional, exploring how roles might or might not change after marriage.


Career-Where do partners see themselves in 5, 10 years? Do you work to live vs. live to work? How will goals of each partner blend over time, as children come into the family?


Recreation-Similarities and differences, down time vs. social time, self-care-how much is it a priority, vacation goals.


Intimate Relationship-Frequency, priority, challenges.


Communication-Listening skills (listen without speaking, recap/summarize, empathize), conflict resolution styles, different styles (talking vs. doing things vs. giving vs. helping).


Spiritual Beliefs-level of importance, similarities/differences, how it relates to children’s upbringing.

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