Teen Therapy

Has your teen been experiencing stress or anxiety? Have they been feeling down, less talkative, and depressed? Have you noticed your teen is more irritable or having anger outbursts? These are all issues that we are experienced in and we are ready to help your teen! During these times of high school online due to Covid, many teens are struggling with anxiety, depression, loss of face to face time with their friends, and changes to their extra curricular activities while Covid precautions are in place, which cause a lot of stress to our teens. Social anxiety and self esteem issues are also common in this age group, and we are here to help!

We use an integrative approach to working with your teen, including a custom treatment plan and a combination of client centered talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to learn skills, so your teen can reduce anxiety and depression and get back to feeling themselves!

What is the first step? As the owner of the practice I start with a free 15 minute parent phone consultation to learn more about your teen and match them with one of my therapists who is the best fit for them! Call, text, or email me today at 650-576-5146 or [email protected]


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Looking forward to speaking with you!  Kera Burdick, MS, LMFT, 650-576-5146

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